Meet The Leadership Team
Meet the Team Chief Executive Officer – Tony Fairfield
Tony Fairfield, CEO of Better Workplace, is dedicated to continuing the development of their organization to ensure it is equipped to meet and exceed the diverse, ever changing needs of their valuable clients. Tony brings more than 25 years of employee benefits experience to Better Workplace and a clear understanding of connection between workforce mobility and more present and productive teams. He started his career with London Life upon graduating from the University of Calgary with a BA in Economics. Tony’s passion in the insurance industry stems from building long-term, meaningful client relationships built on trust, honesty and integrity. His superior service has resulted in an exceptional record of customer loyalty.

Vice President Business Development - Scott Fleming
Scott is exemplar of the entrepreneurial energy and focus that characterizes the Better Workplace vision. He is the founder and principal visionary of Better Workplace, commencing its operations with the simple view of accelerating the adoption of agile work-practices and workplaces. Scott was formerly a member of the National Steering Committee of the federally-funded eCommute pilot program. The eCommute pilot program was overseen by the US EPA and coordinated by the Global Environmental Technology Foundation and ran from 2000 until 2004. Prior to Better Workplace, Scott acquired extensive senior-level experience in technology sales and marketing through his roles as National Sales Manager for Hamilton Computers which was acquired by General Electric; Director of U.S. Sales and Marketing for Manufacturers Finance; and Sales Channel Manager for Sun Microsystems.

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