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Customer Testimonials Better Workplace leadership team is comprised of individuals with a passion for the changing nature of work and more experience in this space than virtually anyone else we've worked with.
Robyn Bews, WORKshift, Calgary Economic Development

My only regret is that we didn't begin working with Better Workplace sooner. They provided us with the software and services to enroll, train, provision, and support our workforce, and did so for a fraction of the time and cost of us doing it alone.
Tim Lorman, Sr Director Workplace Strategy, Financial Services Company

The program has been tremendous and it has cut costs, improved performance and improved work/life balance for my staff.
Business Unit Manager, International Financial Services Company

This platform is a Godsend for me and my management team. The data and comprehensive reports are driving our big people and places decisions.
Regional Director, Global Logistic and Information Management Copany

Your team is simply awesome! (with all capitals) so I guess that should be AWESOME!
IT Manager, Global Energy Company

I was very skeptical of the success initially but I find that people actually work harder/longer and have a better work/life balance. I think it is a terrific program and a model for the industry to follow.
Division Manager, International Financial Management and Information Services Company

Well thought out and well designed. At this point I am completely satisfied.
End User, Financial Services Company

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