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Simple assessment.
Actionable reports.
Better workplace.

WorkFit is a quick and easy way to assess how employees are working in your organization, and the detailed reports will help you align company resources to provide an optimal match with your employees' mobile work styles - lowering cost, improving performance, and increasing environmental efficiency.

Workforce Mobility Made Easy!
The nature of work has changed but organizations are struggling to respond to the evolving requirements of today's mobile workforce. What they need is an EASY WAY TO PLAN, ENABLE and MANAGE THE SHIFT TO THE MOBILE WORKPLACE. And that is where WorkFit comes in.
Organizations leveraging WorkFit, by Better Workplace, are positioned to realize millions in operational savings, improve employee effectiveness and substantially enhance environmental efficiency - directly impacting shareholders, employees and the communities where we live and work. WorkFit also helps organizations:

  • Slash Operating and Capital Expenditure through Real Estate Optimization and/or Reduction
  • Drive Efficiency, Reduce Emissions & Support Conservation
  • Improve Employee Effectiveness and Productivity
  • Manage and Report on Your Triple Bottom Line
Give it a try for free, and share your results with your manager and team members.

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